HL6528RD-2.8V internal pull-down on SIM detect pin

Hi Sierra Wireless Team,

We run into an issue using 2.8V variants of the HL6528RD module.
We use SIM detection but other than in the application note our SIM connector uses a normally closed switch.
So we have a pull-up on GPIO3.
This works well with HL6528RD modules, with the 2.8V variants we observe the internal pull-down is reactivated after a power cycle.

When SIM detection is enabled I cannot change the GPIO configuration to pull-up.
A workaround is to deactivate SIM detection and reactivate it with +KSIMDET command during module initialization.

Is there any other possibility to deactivate the internal pull-down when SIM detection is active which persists a power cycle?

Best Regards,