[HL8549] - Disable automatic register


I’m using the HL8549 module and I would like disable the automatic register.

Can anybody help me?



I presume you do not want it to attach to a unit on power up? You could set it to manual network selection prior to power down i.e. at+cops=1,2,“00101”.



Hi Matt,

Thank you for replying.

When I power on the module, I automatically get:

  • +SIM: 1
  • +KSUP: 0
  • +CREG: 2

I would like to disable the SIM select and network register on module/firmware startup.

Follow my results:

I didn’t receive a response.

I didn’t receive a response.

+COPS: 1

Unfortunately still remains with the same behavior.


It was a workaround, the unit will still go looking for a network but it will only attempt to attach to a network with MCC/MNC 00101 which it will never find, at this point, because the unit is powered up, you can force it to low power mode with at+cfun=0 and it will stop searching. If you want to then send it off searching automatically you can send at+cops=0 (then take it out of LPM with at+cfun=1).

Otherwise there is no way to power up in LPM only to not search for networks.