Access to GPIO5


I have been trying to use GPIO5 and it seems it is set to detect a second SIM card (EXT_SIM2_DET). I wil like to use it as a normal GPIO just as I use the other ones. I tried changing the using AT commands as I do with the other GPIOs.

For example:


This command changes the to embedded host so that I can work with the GPIO.
When I try to do it with the GPIO5


The AT command shows ERROR and I cannot access to GPIO5.
How can I disable the EXT_SIM2_DET and use the GPIO5 function?
Thank you.


Currently, GPIO5 is reserved as EXT_SIM2_DET signal in the default “hard-coded” configuration of the module.

This setting cannot be changed dynamically.

If you need to have a different configuration (in order to have access to GPIO5) then you need to contact Sierra Wireless.