GPIO25 and INT1 in Q26CL702

Hi everybody,

I have this problem with a Q26CL702 modem with following configuration

“DWL”,“V08b13”,"",“Sierra Wireless”,55344,“111611 18:03”,“dda36757”,“00010000”
“FW”,“FW_SRC_747_8_F4_3.Q2687G”,“R7.47.4.201208311102.Q26CL702”,“Sierra Wireless”,2221264,“083112 11:02”,“6aa633a2”,“00020000”

I would like to switch GPIO25 which is multiplexed with INT1 to use it as interrupt pin or digital input.

If I give:


then GPIO25 disappears from GPIO list (retrieved with command at+wiom=2).
To me, that’s correct.

If I try to release INT1 with command


The GPIO25 is not restored anymore in the GPIO list and I can’t use


command, which reply +CME ERROR:501. The only way to restore
GPIO25 in GPIO list is to power cycle the modem.

Is there any reason for this behaviour?

Thank you!

Best Regards


I think your observation is expected.

Please refer to AT command guide section “22.4.6. Notes”.