HL6528/HL8548: GPS/GLONASS + ECall


I just started to work on the automotive communication device which requires GPS/GLONASS and ECall support. As far as I figured out there is no such solution in the SierraWireless product line. I plan to use HL6528 (HL8548) module and implement in-band modem externally. The problem is that ECall relies on the emergency category IE when emergency call is established so MSC could distinguish the call and forward it to the PSAP server. Does anybody know if it is possible to specify emergency category during emergency call setup?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Andrey,

Ecall is widely supported by Sierra product.
As you planned to use HL6, please refer to AT cmd guide of HL6:

Please have a look at section 15 and 20.17 for info.

Hope it helps.

Thanks a lot, Louis! This capability is absent from the general description that is why I was not sure. According to AirPrime_HL6_and_HL8_Series_AT_Commands_Interface_Guide_Rev2_0 document eCall is an optional feature for this module but it is supported. Thanks again!

Hi Andrey,

You are welcome, as mentioned, eCall is widely supported by Sierra products, HL6 is not the only one.

In case you have design concerns and like to use other Sierra products in your design, eCall is supported also by OpenAT Application Framework, please refer to the key feature and datasheet:

That means, all products under Smart Modules category (supporting OpenAT) actually supports eCall feature. So that you can add and run your code inside the module to bring additional features, e.g. monitor sensor.

Kindly contact your distributor or FAE to get more info.