[Hilo]How to upgrade module via host CPU?


[Hilo] How to use my CPU as a gateway between the module and a PC to upgrade via HiloUpgrader?

Answer: Let me sum up the conditions to upgrade the module via your CPU as a gateway.
1/ The baud rate must be 115200 baud.
2/ The POK_IN must be set to the GND during all the process.
3/ Sleep mode must be avoided (KSLEEP=2 or KSLEEP=0 + DTR to the GND)
4/ Regarding your CPU, You have to send all the bytes that you receive one by one. I mean that you should not store any data and send them by frame. You should send the bytes you received in 10ms.
5/ At the beginning, there is a shake-hand-check between the module and HiloUpgrader. This exchange is real time dependent.
Here’s the graph showing the connections: