[Hilo] Why does Hilo not response to any AT command?


[Hilo] Why does Hilo not response to any AT command? Why I’m not able to communicate with HiloNCV2 Evaluate Kit?

Answer: The following points for your reference:

  1. Please use upper-case of the AT command. Do not use “at”, but “AT”. (If module in auto-baud rate, it’s mandatory to use upper-case)
  2. Please try with other baud-rate.
  3. Please check if CTS is high level, if so it means module is in sleep mode. In this case there’s no response for any AT command. Please toggle DTR signal to wake up module.
  4. Please check if module is powered on successfully. You can check the status of the LEDs in the Evaluate Kit.
  • After the module is powered on (pressing S301), DSR should be ON.
  • After the HyperTerminal is opened, DSR, CTS, RTS, DTR should be ON.
    You MUST apply a low level pulse of 2s on POK_IN. POK_IN is activated on a low electrical level. To prevent any issue in the power up procedure the typical rise time for VBAT should be 1ms. The power supply must rise from 0V0 to his normal voltage (3V2 to 4V5).
  1. Please make sure UART port is opened.
  2. Please check if any Current re-injection issue when the module is off. Also to check if I/Os connected to the module are still powered. Example: UART bus powered from the DTE side before the module is powered. This can result in a bad starting behavior. After switch off the module, VBAT must go down below 0.8V.