High-Density D Connector with IDC?

Making cables to mate with the Fastrack’s high-density ‘D’ connector is fiddly and labour-intensive (ie, expensive).

For normal ‘D’ connectors, it’s easy to get them with IDC (Insulation Displacement Connection) - where all connections can be made at once in one simple operation; eg:

mhconnectors.com/Super.asp?i … Connectors

So, does anyone know of any High-Density ‘D’ IDC connectors?

Or any other options?

(yes, using insertable pins is better than solder-bucket, but still fiddly & labour-intensive)

The "The “High-Density D Connector” on Fastrack is basically same as “VGA” connector used on PC and monitors. So it is cheap and easy to find.

Actually I had make a PC-to-Fastrack cable by cutting a standard 9 pin RS-232 cable; a VGA extension cable, and then soldering apporiate cables together :smiley:

Of course for large quantity you should go for cable assy factory.

Sure, the connector itself is easy to find - but only with individual wire trminations.

For high-volume applications like VGA cables, assembly could be outsourced to a low-labour-cost area.

But I’m talking about small-to-medium volumes where a one-step operation would give a significant saving over having to individually terminate the 15 wires.

I think that’s no easier than using the insertable pins 8)