Help, LX60 firewall/rules. I have searched the forum

I am trying to configure an LX60 with latest firmware ALEOS 4.13.0 build 017 and radio SWI9X07Y_02.18.05.00…jenkins. I have searched the forum. It shows two different WAN IP’s and I am able to connect to the ACEmanager from a different computer using WIFI. But using the WAN IP, I can’t connect to ACEmanager or use remote desktop 3389 to a computer wired to the LX60. Are there examples of port forwarding/rules/firewall for the LX60 on the web?

The sim card is Verizon using APN “VZWINTERNET” and cell address the other WAN IP is found using IPchicken, etc. Both change, are dynamic with every reboot.

An antenna with MIMO, GPS, WIFI is connected. the GPS and WIFI work and I can browse the internet using the wired and WIFI connection, but can’t connect remotely from outside into the LX60. Thank you, Jeff

Hi @jerothle,

Does “The other WAN IP is” belong Verizon or the another provider? If I am not mistaken the devices have been provided a NAT firewalled private IP Address on LTE Verizon network. So the IP outside from Verizon cannot reach to. Let check it

Hi Vianney, yes remote access is set exactly as you have posted. There is only one sim card, but two WAN ip addresses are created.

With the LX60 WIFI set as “Client (WAN)”, the LX60 is connected to a WIFI access point and I can connect to ACEmanager from another computer and remote desktop 3389 on a computer connected to the LX60.

Hi @jerothle,
Is the problem solved? Please share if you have any concerns