Hello World in RTE?


I installed the tools and built Hello_World. When I try to run the app from Eclisps, I get this in the top line (status bar) of the IDE Console window:
Hello_World [C/C++ Local Application] c:<path>\mingw\out\kernel.exe

Any suggestions? What does this mean?

I think this is related to the SDK version not being compatible with my firmware (odd since it came in a kit). I got further with the latest SDK, but, it wants R72 firmware and I have “663b10”

Has anyone found complete upgrade instructions, or,
Old versions of the SDK? I don’t see anything earlier than 2.02 which, I believe, still wants R71 firmware.




Have a look at this forum post:

Worked for me.

Be aware though that it’s (apparently) a one-way upgrade from V6xx firmware to V7xx firmware…

Also, if looking for older versions of software, click on the ‘Archives’ link in the appropriate device Download tab in the Developers section of the web site.

Good Luck,