GX450 Weird Issue

Im having a weird issue with a gx450 that was installed by a 3rd party company. It doesn’t work with a short ethernet cable(cat6, 3ft, works just fine on everything.) but works with my 24foot(cat6, custom made, fully tested), anyone have an idea why its doing what its doing or should I have a support ticket sent in? the client device is an cradlepoint IBR1100LPE(not my idea).

Could you be a bit more specific :question:

ok so when it doesnt work. im not seeing a link light(on at least 3 devices including my cable tester(Ideal vdv pro ii), doesnt pull dhcp, nothing. when i use a long cable it works just fine(dhcp normal, link light shows up just fine. almost like its a hardware failure)

Hi awneil,

I agree this does sound like a weird issue and I can’t say that I’ve heard of it before… Have you tried using the 3ft cable in question on other GX450s?