GX450: Disabling B4

The usage of my GX450 is for a fix residential setup including 2 outdoor YAGI aiming at a line of sight tower witch broadcast Rogers B17 and B4 toward my house. The problems, I’m on the edge of B4 coverage and most of the time the modem connect on that band and get hook with no internet. It’s give me a IP address, I get the NETWORK READY, I’m able to see the operator networks, LAC and CELLID. All the LTE signals RSRP, RSRQ and SINR are good but I do not get any Internet DATA. I can’t PING from the ping feature of ACEMANAGER. I’m stuck on it.

When condition permits, I connect to B17 and everything works great. But when the signal of B4 come back I lose the internet for hours. Going to 3G is not a option, it’s 3 meg vs 20 Meg for B17 and 30 Meg when I do connect with B4 (but not for long)

Can someone tell my how to disable the B4 on my GX450. Is there another solution except changing carrier?