GSTATUS, LTE CA STATE : Returned values..

I am trying to figure out what does these string mean

LTE CA State


Can’t seem to find out what they represent? I am trouble shooting carrier aggregation on LTE network. I like to know does ACTIVE mean, modem is doing CA at that time, or not. Sierra Wireless doesn’t seem to have any document on this.


I have not tested this myself but from what I know about CA they would be as follows.
ACTIVE - Data session up and running with the CA being actively used.
NOT ACTIVE - Data session up but CA is not being used.
NOT ASSIGNED - CA supported by network but unit is not in a session so the network has not assigned a secondary cell.
NA - Not available so either the network does not have it available or it is not indicating to the unit that it is able to be used.

The difference between not active and not assigned will be the most difficult to interpret as it may well depend on how the network is configured and what indications it is sending to the unit.

If you are looking for more CA information then you need to be using the QMI API’s as there are details in the API’s for the channels, Scell information, etc.



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