EM7565 CA SCC INACTIVE after 8+ hour data connection

After being connected for an extended period of time (8+ hours), the during periods of high demand, CA attempts to activate, it appears that channels are assigned, but the SCC doesn’t go active.

Current Time: 23922 Temperature: 41
Reset Counter: 1 Mode: ONLINE
System mode: LTE PS state: Attached
LTE band: B2 LTE bw: 20 MHz
LTE Rx chan: 700 LTE Tx chan: 18700
LTE SSC1 state:INACTIVE LTE SSC1 band: B11
LTE SSC1 bw : 10 MHz LTE SSC1 chan: 5110
EMM state: Registered Normal Service
RRC state: RRC Connected
IMS reg state: No Srv

PCC RxM RSSI: -68 PCC RxM RSRP: -102
PCC RxD RSSI: -68 PCC RxD RSRP: -101
SCC1 RxM RSSI: -68 SCC1 RxM RSRP: -90
SCC1 RxD RSSI: -69 SCC1 RxD RSRP: -92
Tx Power: 21 TAC: 097f (2431)
RSRQ (dB): -12.1 Cell ID: 0c74d808 (208984072)
SINR (dB): 19.0

If either do a AT!RESET or simply reboot the router to which the EM7565 is connected, it exhibits normal behavior with the SCC state going ACTIVE.

The carrier is AT&T and I’m use Generic Release 13.
preferred fw version:
preferred carrier name: GENERIC
preferred config name: GENERIC_002.019_000
preferred subpri index: 000
current fw version:
current carrier name: GENERIC
current config name: GENERIC_002.019_000
current subpri index: 000

Any suggestions or this an issue on the tower side?

SCC1 should only change to active when you are transmitting data.
try to send some data and monitor SCC1

ok…I’m more accustomed to output of !GSTATUS? on the MC7455. That has specifically states when CA is active, the release 13 on the EM7565 doesn’t have that status line in the output.