What means what in the !GSTATUS command


we are currently having a lot of trouble getting the Sierra Wireless MC7455 to connect to the internet. We have already tried different sim cards different modems of the same kind and different antennas, but the signal quality always stays at 0% percent, and we do not get a functioning connection.

Next I started to look into the AT Commands to find anything which would tell me what is wrong. I found the !GSTATUS and executed it twice, once while the Antenna was physically connected to the modem and the second time while the antenna was not.

Now, I have no Idea what all of this means and how it helps me to debug the current state of my modem and why we do not have Internet or get a connection.

If you need to execute any other commands, please just let me know.

Thanks a lot,

For the meaning in AT!GSTATUS, you need to download the AT command user to check.
BTW, did you setup the APN in AT+CGDCONT?