GPSd failed to read GPS data from EM7590

Hello everyone,

I want to use GPSd to read GPS data from EM7590 but it failed.
I was working well with EM7455.
I can get data by cat /dev/ttyUSB1, but GPSd can’t get it.
Does anyone has the same issue? What GPS reader do you use for EM7590 on an Nvidia Jetson platform?

Thank you in advance.

what do mean by it failed to read?

Have you tried in Ubuntu PC first with “gpsd /dev/ttyUSB1”?

Hello jyijyi,

It turns out the Jetson Orin Nano comes with GPSd 3.20 which is a version 2 years ago.
By manually building GPSd 3.25, the problem is fixed.

Thank you for your help.