EM7305 Driver - NEED

Dear all,
I’m using EM7305 with VID_1199 & PID_9063 in which i can’t able to connect.
I used the driver from Toshiba which took Modem driver, but has not got any COM Port.
Would anyone be able to provide the correct driver for the card for both Windows OS(Win7&Win8.1) and Linux OS(RHEL).
When i used EM7305 with VID_1199 & PID_9041, it got connected for Windows OS with COM port of NMEA and DM but showing GPS NMEA data without lat/long and for Linux RHEL 7.0 used the driver from Sierra site SierraQMIdriversS2.20N2.29.tar.bz2, it is taking the GobiSerial driver. And in dev/ folder ttyUSB0/1/2 has come. But it is neither connecting nor displaying NMEA/GPS data when connected with minicom/cutecom.
Kindly help in this issue,
Any Driver that can work for PID_9041 for Linux OS. and drivers for PID_9063.
Many thanks in advance…

Are you using AT commands to get the GPS data?

What does it mean… the windows and Linux are not recognizing the device?

It is not recommended to change the PIDs and use the one which come as default when the module is shipped to you…

Alex :

PS : I’ll check internally if the drivers have some issues or not. Will keep you posted.

Hi, Thanks for the reply…
I tried using AT commands for the GPS, it is not connecting.
IN Windows OS, the module got identified and so the modem, BUT NO GPS CONNECTION.
In Linux OS, also it shows the module, but no modem/gps connection.
And I have not changed the PID for that. Its with another module.

Kindly let me know any driver that works for the module with GPS.