GPRS connection how?


I write a little program and first i just want to connect to the internet via gprs

Here is my code: … odeID=5799

The cgatt handler doesn’t activated, I don’t know why, because the adl_CmdCreate returns 0. The dialConnectStart returns -10 but it’s wrong because I havent any pin number. Somebody could help me fix this problem, or give a working sample code?


I think it might be because the response is not “OK” or “ERROR”. Try to substitute “OK”,“ERROR” by “*”. I think that should be the way to get all responses in the handler function. (ADL has more detailed error reporting enabled by default, so you probably get “+CME ERROR: …”)

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You are right. * is working but I get ERROR and the connection fails. Whats the problem. Why I get ERROR. Whats wrong with my code?

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I think you are sending the command to early… When I used this I did send it on ADL_SIM_STATE_FULL_INIT in the SIM_Handler function… But I found a still better way without AT+CGATT… You might want to look into this thread (look for AT+WGPRS=0,0):

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