Golden Orb Rooter Mikrotik RBM11G and MC7455

Hi All.

Since several months i’m using this configuration and i’m quite satisfied about.

The only problem i’ve is the instability of CA…is not always on.

Do exist a way to improve it? I choosed the MC 7455 because CA capable.

Upgrading the FW to the last 24 will help some how?

I’m using this configuration in Italy with Vodafone carrier mobile.

Any particular setup to be respected with Vodafone?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Maurizio

I’ve got the same setup. What version of Rooter are you using?

I’m having problems with routing from WAN to LAN (or maybe I’m doing something wrong). Would you please be able to create a backup file for me to test your settings?

Many thanks.


I’m so sorry to be so late. I’m using the Golden Orb Version.