GL8200 cannot set APN

Just got a new gl8200, i placed the sim and conected to it with putty
some AT command work but many are not.
im getting an Error msg with code 655
im trying to set APN with AT+WDSS=0,“” and response is +CME ERROR: 655.
When this code means: AVMS services are in PROHIBITED state (see +WDSG), when i try to set +WDSG command (AT+WDSG: 0,3) to activate services im getting ERROR witout any code.
am i missing something with first configs i have to make?
the SIM is connected i able to send and recive calls and SMS.
the sim connects to GPRS with other modem i have and data is ok in other device
Please help, im Lost! i have a feeling i miss somthing (mybee PIN or some init method??!!??)
thanks guys