GL7600 Network Interface Configuration (linux)

Hey there,
I’m trying to connect an embedded setup (NVIDIA Jetson Nano + Ubuntu 18.04) via a GL7600 to the Internet (using NCM mode). I was following the instructions in this SWIR technical note (paragraph 4).

We can get through all the steps, and as a result we seem to get a connection (ping to a machine on the internet works).
However, a few seconds after routing traffic through the interface (step 8), the modem resets (that is, all serial and ip interfaces/devices are removed from linux and then re-added 5-10 seconds later). Also AT+GST=1 shows that the modem uptime goes back to zero, thereby confirming the reset.

I was not able to to find any reason for this behavior or reports of it.
I tested two different GL7600 and also different host setups - always the same problem.

Is there a Technical Note how to setup the GL7600 that differs from the description I was using (HL7500)?

Thank you for your time and I hope somebody has some more insight.


Hi dominik1,

What firmware version are you using? If you are not on the latest firmware, please download the latest one (2.27) and retry.
You can get it here 2.27 Firmware

Hey Donald,
Thanks for your prompt reply. I checked via “mmcli -m 0”, I’m running firmware revision: GL7600.2.23.172400.201706231140.x7120m_1. I guess this is pretty outdated. I’ll try to update.

Best Dominik

Thanks a lot, that did the trick!
Is there any change-note document regarding firmware updates/changes that matches my specific problem? Just to understand and see which version solved the bug/problem.

We are using Airvantage with our product - do you have an idea whether it is possible for us to update Modems over the air via Airvantage, without getting hands on the modem?

Thanks for your help


Hi dominik1,

You can refer to AirPrime - HL7692 - Firmware 2.27 Customer Release Note for documentation regarding firmware updates/changes with the specific problem.

Please refer to the below links for getting started with AirPrime HL Essential Modules on Airvantage .
Getting started with AirPrime HL Essential Modules

Thanks for the Link to the release notes.
I already checked them before. This only lists changes from Version 2.26 to 2.27. I was not able to find all the other intermediate release notes (from 2.23 to 2.27) - are they available somewhere?

Looking into that getting started. Is that really matching for us - I’m using the GL series not HL?

… ok found the Airvantage documentation on FOTA