GL7x00 linux interface

I’m trying to a computer running ubuntu to the internet via a GL7600 (and later a GL7500) connected via microusb.

The GL is recognized in lsusb, it creates interfaces wwan{0,1,2,3} in ip a and ModemManager can interact with it, even managing to conect to the LTE network (with mmcli -m 1 --simple-connect=",user=gprs,password=gprs").
However, I cannot access the internet as:

  • the modem doesn’t show up in NetworkManager
  • the wwanX interfaces cannot be brought UP
  • the /dev/cdc-ncm file is not present.

I’d like to connect to it with some high speed protocol like NCM or MBIM in order to benefit from the LTE bandwidth, not as a serial modem.

Where can one find guidance on GL usage under linux?

Thank you,