Problem with modem conection hl7692


HI all,

I configured a modem hl7692 to conect to internet and i can conect it.
The problem is when i reset the modem disconecting from current i can’t reconnect the conection.

i configured the modem with com6 with name IMC Mobile phone modem . Drivers are installed.
Furthermore, i set a new conection with the modem and the first conection is successfull.

i don’t know what’s wrong.

Maybe somebody can help?



You are going to need to give a bit more information (some is implied in the way you have written the request) to be able to track it down such as the following.

  • Firmware version.
  • Connection method.
  • Step by step description of what you are doing.
  • Host system information (this is implied as per the description).
  • Any log files you have.




the firmware is HL769x.2.23.
i create a conexion throug 2G
I set the modem in my pc to connect to internet.
i have a pc windows 10
the module is conected by usb_main com6
the problem is that we have to wait like 10 minutes to connect again to internet through this modem.



So are you creating a dial up connection over the USB port using a Windows PC?




exactly, windows 10