GL7500 Data modem setup


Hello, I’m new using these devices and I’m looking to do what I thought would be a simple embedded modem to connect to the internet.

I’m using this device to replace an older USB cell modem from AT&T, which was connected into the usb on a wireless router. Most carrier usb modems don’t offer external antenna setups, which is why I picked this up.

Currently I’m just connecting the GL7500 to my laptop for initial testing. I have a data only sim card from Verizon, which has been tested in other modems and works just fine.

Thus far I have done:

  • Downloaded and installed USB drivers
  • supplied the device with 6v power
  • Connected usb cable from Laptop to device
    *LED light is blinking at the slow flash rate
    - indicates that its registered in the network.
  • Connected to device via Putty
  • AT commands work just fine.
    - AT
    - AT+CPIN?
    > +CPIN: READY
    - AT+CSQ
    > +CSQ: 15, 5 Received signal strength appears to be good
    - AT+CREG?
    > +CREG: 0, 3 This doesn’t appear to be a response in the manual.
    so I downloaded airprime HL7588 AT Commands Interface Guide
    Found that 0, 3 indicates Registration denied.

Any insight as to what steps I should take next to resolve this? Is it possible that Verizon has blocked my device itself? which is why registration has been denied?