Getting started with IP


I’ve been doing loads of OpenAT using GPIO, SMS, Flash, serial ports etc, but have yet to play with the IP side of things.

I’ve looked at the code samples and am reasonably happy with that side of it, but some people tell me that I will need a special ‘data-enabled’ SIM (whatever that is), others tell me I need to get functionality enabled in my Q2686 hardware (I’m waiting to hear back from the supplier on that one). And even assuming that I can get all that sorted, how on earth do I go about testing and playing with the samples ?

I’d like to start by perhaps just sending an email instead of an SMS - is that too ambitious ?

I’m not asking for detailed tech help, but can someone point me in the right direction please ? It might save me a lot of time and frustration.


First of all, are you familiar with IP networking independent of GPRS and Open-AT?

If not, you should build that foundation first; eg, … ial#p18892

The SIM is your key to accessing network services - it is what identifies you as a valid customer to the network.
This includes identifying what services you are entitled to use.

Some networks require you to specifically request certain services, others might allow them by default.
It will also depend on what particular “deal” you have paid for.

Thus, there is no general answer to your question.

Your best bet is to speak to your Distributor - they will be able to advise you on what’s available locally.

See: … cket+level

Again, you will need to be familiar with the principles involved.

Then, You will need access to an appropriate server:
For mail, you need a mail server;
For FTP, you need an FTP server;
For HTTP, you need an HTTP server.

For “raw” socket stuff, I’ve used & recommend these: … category=5 … category=5

I think it’d be easier to just GET a simple web page…

I’d recommend this HTTP tutorial:


Thanks, a most comprehensive and useful reply. I will wade through this little lot over the next few days, but it appears that I have some work to do.


You’re certainly not wrong there! 8)



I’ve been trying to play with the tools you recommended for raw socket IP stuff. Not realyy getting anywhere, do I need to arrange a fixed IP address for my PC ?


What have you tried?

Where are you stuck?

No, you certainly don’t need to.

It might simplify things a little, but it is certainly not a necessity.


Apologies for unfeasibly late reply, I’m still getting used to being self-employed and being at the beck and call of clients!

Anyway, I have now managed to return to this forum and this topic and have made much progress. Many thanks for your excellent advice and help.