Get GPS location from Airprime MC 7455

I am a newcomer here in Sierra Wireless IoT gateway so I hope to receive help from you guys,
My leader assigned me with a LED panel to indicate the location of the route of bus and announce the next bus station, he told that I can choose any microcontroller or microprocessor to do that.
Can you tell me how can I get location information from Sierra GPS module from a microcontroller or a module like Arduino UNO?

If you are running some form of Linux and the kernel is < 4.8, you just download the Linux drivers and connect up to ttyUSB1 (serial connection 115200,8,1) and you will get NMEA GPS data assuming you have the GPS antenna hooked up. Pretty simple actually.

Tks for your answer,
And how can I get location information for other module like Arduino or a microcontroller like 89c52? Can I wire them by Serial, tx, rx directly?