Reading GPS position from serial port command

Does any one know how to read the GPS position & time from serial port using the SierraWireless Airlink RV 50 ?
I am reading the Open AT, the ALEOS but there is not an example to do so. I think it should be something simple and trivial but could not see how.
Note that I am not using the DVK, I just want to configure the module to enable GPS then just read the the serial port for ever sec to receive the position update. All commands are via the serial port.
I appreciate any pointer.

Hi Trieu,
First, welcome to the forum.
Second, I don’t have RV50 but per guideline, it seems several way to get GPS location from serial port.
~ Enable location report to stream to serial port (page 264, Table 9-3: Location: Local/Streaming)
~ Configure serial port for AT service (page 289), then use AT command AT*GPSDATA? to query the current location (please refer to page 477, Table D-9: Location AT Commands for more info.)

Hope it helps.

Thanks Louis, I will try this out!

Trieu Pham