Get DS version from CLI

Hi all,
Im writing a script to auto compile open at application,
script need to get DS Build version to insert to generated.c (which will show in ATI9),

const char mos_headerSEList[] = "Developer Studio\0" "\0"
		"Open AT Application Framework package\0" "2.53.0.A1.201409061210\0"
		"Open AT OS Package\0" "6.53.0.A1.201409051829\0"
		"Firmware Package\0" "7.53.0.A1.201409060856\0"
		"Internet Library Package\0" "5.57.1.A1.201410101134\0"

Developer Studio\0" “\0”
So, Is there any way to get Developer Studio version from command line such as:
devstudio.exe -version
Build Version


Did you give a try to headless mode of DS to build applications? This would keep on updating the generated.c file with this information.
Otherwise, no such command line switch in DS.
But you can look at the /features/com.swi.devstudio_XXX folder. XXX will be the DS version.

that all I need, thank you very much.
I have build in headless mode, everything is OK, but the DS version is NULL, that why I need to get DS version then update generated.c before compile in headless mode

const char mos_headerSEList[] = "Developer Studio\0" "null\0"
		"Open AT OS Package\0" "6.53.0.A1.201408111603\0"
		"Firmware Package\0" "7.53.0.A1.201408141758\0"

Sounds like a bug, we’ll have a look to fix it in the next one.