Get API Web Method filter with "or parameter"


Thanks for taking your time and read this doubt. I’m using Sierra Wireless Web API ( so I’m using System Sinf Method. I’d like to know if there is any way to filter results with a “or parameter”, I mean the following:

/api/v1/systems?name=SIM 89111099999999999 or SIM 89111099999991111 (Filter by two options)

Thanks in advanced.


You can use labels string list instead, i.e.,WP7702_1

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note that the name filter is looking for the string contained in the name. If you look for name=SIM 89111099999999999
All the SIM starting with SIM 89111099999999999 will be returned: SIM 89111099999999999, SIM 891110999999999991111 and others.

This doesn’t resolve your problem but it can be interesting to highlight this in this thread.