Location Area Code via AAF


I’m running a script on the Sierra Wireless AirLink RV50X.
The idea is to log some parameters.
Now to identify each cell I need the cell ID, the Operator and the Location Area Code (LAC).
Looking for the device parameter I only found the Cell ID and Operator but could not find any parameter for the LAC on Device Parameter
Is there any more documentation where I could find additional Parameters or does anyone know how to query it because on the webinterface it is displayed.


I don’t know the offical way, but, if you hover the LAC/TAC variable on the webinterface it tells you something like this “lwm2m.10250.0.774”. The final item is the index. So you should be able to get it like the following:


Else sometimes I find it useful to see all the mapped variables directly, but, other that a couple items, most of the dump is documented on the link you gave.

local function print_dev_tree(path)
    local res, t = device.get(path)
    if res ~= nil then
    	print(path .. ": " .. tostring(res))
	elseif res == nil and t == nil then
		print(path .. ": nil")
		for k,v in pairs(t) do

    -- Dump the entire device tree