GDB debugging over UART

I am trying to get gdb debugging running over UART1 on a SL6087. However when gdb sends any commands to the remote target they all time out. The application on the sl6087 is running and traces seem to work fine.
Is there anything special I have to do to activate the gdb debugging over the UART? From what I can see it looks like my development setup is working and correctly sending the gdb remote debugging requests, but the target either does not answer at all or sends invalid characters because it sends traces on the same port.
My best guess would be that I somehow have to disable all console output on UART1 and tell the target to do the gdb communication on UART. Any information regarding that?

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GDB can communicate with the target over a serial line, or over an IP network using TCP or UDP. In each case, gdb uses the same protocol for debugging your program; only the medium carrying the debugging packets varies. The target remote and target extended-remote commands establish a connection to the target. Both commands accept the same arguments, which indicate the medium to use:

target remote serial-device
target extended-remote serial-device

Use serial-device to communicate with the target. For example, to use a serial line connected to the device named /dev/ttyb:
target remote /dev/ttyb

May be this will help you.