Debugging SL6087 in Developer Studio

I’m new to the SL6087 and new at my company.
We are currently debugging using traces.
Downloading the application goes over UART, which takes long.

I prefer debugging with brakepoints and I would love to speed up the download process.

I was looking into JTAG-probe debugging and found that the SL6087 doesn’t support that.
I understood from our supplier that Embedded debugging (GDB) is preferred over RTE since the latest firmware versions. I am new to GDB debugging.
Our supplier suggested to use Embedded debugging(GDB) in combination with J-link.

Is the Embedded debugging the right solution for me when you look into debugging and download times?
Is downloading the application with JTAG/GDB quicker compared to UART?
Are the download times faster with Segger J-link PRO when compared to J-link BASE or PLUS?
Are there any tips and tricks, thing to take care for, when starting Embedded debugging (GBD) for the first time?
What is your experience with GDB debugging?
Are there things that I overlooked?

Would love to hear your opinions!
Geert Visser

When you use GDB you will not use J-LInk or similar. These are just for JTAG debugging.

You can debug with GDB directly from Developet Studio. Just right click on your project and select “Debug As/Open AT Target Application”.

It is a little bit complicated to debug an event driven application with GDB, but it is possible.

The only option you have for download and debugging is UART or USB.