gcc results in a bigger image than arm compiler

Hi there,

I am trying to reduce the size of the gcc produced image to something in the area of what the arm compiler produces (gcc: ~165KB, arm: ~133KB; for the compressed - wpb.wdl - file). The corresponding unpacked file with gcc is about 270KB.

When I delete the the debug option from gts/GCC.gts (i.e. remove the line: -ggdb3), I manage to cut about 90KB of fat from the resulting object files in total. Which is good. However, the unpacked .dwl file is still ~270KB and the wpb.wdl is still ~165KB. I would appreciate it if someone could point out what I am missing here.

Why do the space saving in the object files not translate into the same saving in the final image files?

Is there maybe some other way to achieve this?

I think the fact that it produces noticeably smaller code is one of Keil’s justifications - possibly the key one - for the price of their compiler!

Is it?
I rather doubt that debug information actually consumes any run-time memory space.

See above?

Yep, there is no debug info in the run-time memory space. Thanks.