Application Size


I want to know the size of my application without any library like adl lib or wip lib. I want to learn the size of only my code.

I use the following environment:
Visual Studio 6.0 Gcc complier
Wavecom Fastract Supreme R7.1b firmware
Wip Plug-in 4.0

I use the adl library and wip plug-in only. Other side of the project is the code i developed.
I see the MyProjectName.bin file on my out folder. Its size is 189 KB. I think it is the files i developed + wip library files + adl library files. So how can i get just size of the files i developed?

As usual, look into linker .map file.

Hi Victorjd,

i could not find any .map file on my project. I use Visual Studio 6.0 gcc complier. Where is the file located?

Looks like another (of many) reason not to use GCC compiler. With ADS, .map file always located in project output directory.

Hmmm… getting way off-topic now, but I think you have a point there!

I have noticed this in a few areas:

  • compilers like ADS are specifically designed for embedded targets, where things like memory usage and layout are extremely important;

  • GCC, on the other hand, is a general-purpose compiler and, so, lacks many of these features/optimisations that are of particular importance to embedded development.

As I said in the linked thread,

sorry to take this topic further off track, but where can i get ADS?
if it’s too commercial to put it here you can also PM me.

Keil is now the tools arm i [/i]of ARM:

Yes. Kel is OK :slight_smile: The best C51 compiler on my memory.
ADS is more old ARM product, dont know if now available on market. New line - RVDS from KEil/ARM.