FXT009 repair


I have FXT009 but it doesn’t work. May I change an internal embedded module for Q2687RD ?


How does it not work? If the power supply is faulty, changing the module will do nothing except possibly destroy a new module!


I tried to download some soft and then module failed.
I have some Q2687 and I can replace module in FXT009.
I want to know if Q2687 works in FXT009.


I presume the FXT is not under warranty, then?

As already noted, there’s no point changing the module if it’s not the module that’s faulty :exclamation:

What makes you think that it’s just the module that’s faulty :question:

Why don’t you try downloading your code into one of your modules - if it causes the same failure, then you’ll know that it’s your code that’s at fault…


Yes, I agree with Andy: you should make sure the code is fine and environement as well (eg. Power supply is sufficient)
FXT009s have all been coming out from SWIR factory with Q2687RD lately, so if it really doesn’t work you should get an updated one from your distributor.



Thanks for answers but FXT’s embedded module is really dead. It happens sometime. I have already some faulty FXTs )))
But FXT009 costs 120$ and Q2687RD is 40$.
Maybe someone knows if it it is possible to change FXT’s embedded module to Q2687RD.


You still haven’t said how you know that.

In that case you should be discussing with your Distributor to find what’s going wrong!

If you really do have some systematic fault that’s frying the modules, then that fault needs to be found & fixed - replacing the modules will just leave the problem there to fry the new module as well :exclamation:


I very much suspect that the chances of causing further damage due to an unskilled repair are (much) greater than the chances of success…


I have changed the embedded module to Q2687RD. Now it works.
I’m short of time. It is easier for me to change the modules than to find out what was wrong with it.


But, if you don’t know what went wrong, how do you know that it won’t happen again :question:

… and again.

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