Q2687 developer Kit



looking for a Q2687 developer kit, Where can I buy one? Not to expensive of couse :smiley:

Also, What difference makes the Q2687H?

Just for checking, the fxt009 has the same module right?


From your local Distributor, of course!

What, exactly, do you want from this “developer kit” :question:

Depending on your needs, a Fastrack might be an excellent “developer kit”… :exclamation:


Distributors are out of stock.

And, looking for a developer kit for the FXT009.

Main thing is the motherboard with inputs and two serial ports.

BTW UART2 has only 4 signals, Can I debug with my laptop there?


Well, if the distributor doesn’t have it - nobody else will!

All you need is the cable for the IO card.

Debugging needs only the 4 signals.

You can also debug over USB.


USB? you mean USB port of the FXT009?


IO + GPS opus 1, has an special cable, to connect to computer?


Of course!

Have you read the User Manual for the card?

The GPS uses UART2 - so it is not available for external use with that card.


Yes, I’m aware, but you wrote:

There is no cable for the I/O card, only for the whole unit.

If you can debug via USB, What is the use of the development board with two serials?


The IO card has a 16-way connector - so, obviously, you need the appropriate cable to make use of the signals on that connector!

On the IO cards without the GPS, UART2 is available on this connector.

Anything that requires (or benefits from) two UART ports!
And all the other things on the DevKit.


I think I won’t be needing for now the developer kit as I can debug through USB as you say.

Your phone does not work :slight_smile:


BTW, Which is the difference between modules H and new modules RD? Q26


H memory refers to old Q26 module which was based on a 8Mbits memory for both firmware and application code.

Then, G memory was introduced few years ago, which was based on a 16Mbits memory for both firmware and application code.

  • This is the sized of memory which is recommended today with latest firmware R7.4x.
  • Most of the additionnal 8Mbits of memory are for the application code.
  • It allows bigger delta for remote firmware update.

There are no more H nor G module available today (in the past they were referenced as Q2687H or Q2687G), now only RD module are available.

  • RD module has a 16Mbits memory available for firmware and application code, like in the G module.