FXT Firmware Upgrade changes USB Device!!

I upgraded an FXT-009 from 7.47.4 to 7.51.0 using DS on Win7 (64-bit).

Before the upgrade, the device was “Sierra Wireless Modem #2” on COM14.

After the upgrade, it’s changed to “Sierra Wireless COM Device” - and is now on COM15.

Of course, this messes up DS because it expects the device to remain on the same COM port at the end of the update - but it didn’t :exclamation:

It also, presumably, means that Windows now has COM14 locked to a non-existent modem.


How can I ensure that COM14 is available for another device to use :question:

In the following folder (change where necessary to match your system):
C:\Program Files (x86)\Sierra Wireless\Drivers\plugins\com.wavecom.drivers.usb.win64_3.8.4.1-201209251729\resources

There is a program PhdMdmCleaner.exe

Run that and you should be able to free up COM14