FXT + C-GPS: Filtered Speed always zero.

 * Position, Velocity, and Time provided by eRide's GPS library. Some values
 * are scaled integer representations of a floating point
 * number. The scaled values are labelled as: SCALED, LSB = X.
 * The floating point equivalent of those values can be obtained using the
 * formula:
 *    @code
 *         valFloat = val * 2^X
 *    @endcode
typedef struct {
    U32 pvtSpeed;                /**< Horizontal speed in meters per second (SCALED, LSB = -12). */
    U32 pvtSpeedFilt;            /**< Horizontal speed in meters per second derived from pvtHeadingFilt; may be very delayed. (SCALED, LSB = -12). */
} erPvtStruct;

The pvtSpeedFilt field is always zero.
I took it on an 80-mile drive yesterday, at speeds up to 75mph - and the Filtered Speed stayed zero the whole time.
pvtSpeed was fine.

I don’t see anything in the documentation to say that anything specific has to be done to enable this.

The Filtered Latitude & Longitude are updating as expected.

Why would the pvtSpeedFilt “stick” at zero :question:


Can you give details on the version of FW, OS and CGPS plug-in/OASiS package.