FX30S Sierra VZN ECC SIM PDP Contexts

I am testing Sierra Verizon ECC SIMs using an FX30S.

I loaded the latest Verizon Firmware found on the
Sierra source site:

The firmware was installed without any issue.

The default PDP contexts after the FW update did not have any APN specified for context Id #1.
I found the APN refernced on the Airvantage account setup page as: “num.vzwentp” and set up context #3 using the refernced APN.

So the context configuration is:
Context1 : None specified
Context 2 : VZWADMIN
Context 3 : “num.vzwentp”
Context 4 : VZWAPP
Context 5 : VZW800
Context 6 : VZWCLASS6

I am able to create data connection using legato cm data connect.

My test requires using the 9 pin serial connection on the FX30S.

Running chat session, I am able to establish a ppp connection; the ppp0 interface comes up and I have an IP address. However, I am not able to ping on the ppp0 interface.

I had this same issue testing Sierra AT&T ECC SIMs and was able to get pings to work by specifying PDP type as IPV4 when setting the APN i.e.: at+cgdcont=1,“IP”,“<ATT_APN_NAME>”

I attempted to do the same with VZN context 3 with “num.vzwentp” , but was not able get pings to
succeed. ( I tried both “IP” and “IPV4V6”)

So, I have a couple of requests:

Could I get the correct PDP context setup for (context IDs 1-6) using Sierra Verizon ECC SIM?

I suspect that I am missing some ppp configuration required to handle dual stack (IPV4V6). Could I get an example for a correct recommended working example for chat scripts for ppp connection from linux host that correctly supports dual stack (IPV4V6) configurations.

Thanks a lot for your help.

you say that “I am able to create data connection using legato cm data connect”, are you able to ping afterwards?
Are you using the profile 3 for data communication?

cm data profile 3
cm data apn num.vzwentp
cm data connect

When you do dial up in ppp0, are you using atd*99***3#?

I do think I forgot to change the CID in the dial string to 3, thanks. I will check when I get back to the office. Can you provide the other requested information? Thnks again.

I don’t have other information, maybe you do the test first.

If it works on “cm data”, probably it would also work in ppp dial up