FX30S : HSL0 or HS0

Try to communicate with the serial port of my FX30S but examples are with the ttyHSL0 and no such port on my system.
Some problems with devStudio to upgrade the firmware of the modem.
When I use the firmware from the website, R14.0.4.002, legato is 16.10.1 (or something like that), the ttyHSL0 is present but DevStudio is now with 18.06.4 and problem when copying apps.
If I try to update the firmware and successed in installing legato 18.06.4, no more ttyHSL0 and using HS0 did not work.
Somebody to help me?


Hi Xavier,
In DS, did you set the device for WP85? If so, this will install stock WP firmware and you’ll lose FX30 functionality.