SSH Linux Commands

I can connect FX30 Octave device on SSH but I can’t use the cm or other commands. For example:




how about “legato status”?

How can I start legato or what should I do in this case? Thanks.



you can type “legato start”

I type legato start than, the device is disconnected after 5 seconds and it’s restart. The Power LED is blinking Red and Yellow while it’s boot again.

no idea why your FX30 cannot use the offical spk file.
You can try other spk of WP77

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I will try to WP77 firmware (module only) now. I will post here the result. Thanks.


Nothing change. When I type “legato start” and type any command on device, I took the “client_loop: send disconnected : Connection reset” error. And also, the device is restarting after this situation.

how about this official FW of FX30 here?

When I use FDT tool on Windows the error message shown in below.

how about typing AT!BOOTHOLD before running the fdt2.exe command ?


how about using swiflash in linux?

Result is same.

On linux the device is gone the disconnected so swiflash didn’t work.

On linux, you need to install Gobiserial driver to enumerate the /dev/ttyUSB0 port,-d-,42n2,-d-,64/

What did you see in dmesg after connecting usb?

Hi @jyijyi,

I don’t believe the Gobi driver is required for Linux. The serial port should enumerate automatically.

For Windows the generic Sierra driver is needed but must be the latest version.


not quite sure if his platform is installing any qcserial driver.

I use the both OS system. For example I can not factory reset the device. Maybe it can be help for downloading new firmware. So, I tried the factory reset but AT command returns error.

Hi @e.kasap,

The AT command you’ve referenced doesn’t perform a factory reset, it will enable or disable the FX30 factory reset. If you are running the stock WP7702 firmware, this command will not function. You must be running FX30 firmware.

I suspect your device will need to be hard booted into boot and hold mode in order to install firmware. Please try the procedure here: