Fx30 image download from Windows


My host PC environment is Windows running my dev environment under VirtualBox.

I would like to reflash the Fx30 with a clean image but swiflash is not working from a VM.
I cannot make use of “fwupdate” since my device is currently not reaching a stable state where I could have an SSH.

Would you have an EXE version of an official Fx30 firmware?
Or the windows equivalent for swiflash?

Thanks, Christian.

I found the way our of my misery.

I used the latest image (Firmware Generic) generated for WP85XX from source.sierrawireless.com/resou … rerelease/

Which brought me back on a stable environment. I have now been able to reload a corrected version of my firmware.

Regards, Christian.

I have a case were my root password is lost.

In this case, I cannot make use of scp to connect to my Fx30.
Loading the WPX5 image I mentioned earlier (WP85xx & WP75xx Firmware Packages - Release 14) is not helping as the USER1 seems to be not erased. So the faulty password remains.
I have to say that I already have loaded the “WP85xx & WP75xx Firmware Packages - Release 14” firmware… so the “reset to factory” (erasing USER1) pressing the external push button does not work.

I would need and EXE image I could run from Windows which would erase the USER1. Can you point me to such image?

Regards, Christian.

Hi Christian,

Try doing a factory reset, but you’ll need the FX30 firmware installed. Be aware that you’ll lose any customizations you’ve made to /etc or files store in ~

  1. Unplug the FX30
  2. Press and hold the reset button (there’s a little hole beside the power connector)
  3. Power on the FX30
  4. Release the reset button after > 10s