FX30 Firmware Refresh

Hi all,

while I am working on an app for the FX30, it seems that the firmware of the FX30 crashed. The only interface I can see is the DM port (COM xx). I currently have no Linux system, only Windows 7 with Docker and Dev Studio (v5.1) is available. I have no access via ssh.

Sometimes the FX30 seems to reboot and I can see the normal interfaces for a very short time.

This is the second FX30 with the same behavior. I do not know is there a problem with my app or is there still a fault with the FX30 and / or the firmware. I want to refresh the FW, but I don’t know how can I do this under Windows 7? Is there another way to set the legato in the factory setting or return to the normal function?

Best regards

PS: Both FX30 are new with FW

For the record here couple of things to try.

  • Check the PID out for the states it gets into, the FX30 should normally be 68C0, if it is something else then something is wrong.
  • The unit only enumerates a single com port when there is a probem with the firmware and it falls back to the Qualcomm boot loader.
  • To try and create a one click updater for windows which is not on the source take the WP8 one click updater, open it with pkzip/izarc and replace the WP8 CWE file with the CWE file for the FX30 and you should be able to update the unit from windows now. Note this is obviously a hack but the tools are all the same.