[FX30] How to interpret the integer value of the BER returned by AT+CSQ



I do see some unexpected values for the BER in response to the AT+CSQ command.

I am using an FX30 with a firmware based on the R14 release.

See here some traces captured from my system:

    root@FX30:~# modem /dev/ttyAT 230400 AT+CSQ
        +CSQ: 24,86

The AT command reference document 4118047_WPx5xx-76xx-77xx AT Command Reference_r6.pdf sates in the table 3-2 page 48 that the “ber” is either an integer, RXQUAL, or 99.

So I guess it is an integer equal to 86 in my case. How should I interpret it?
Is 86 a good or bad quality?

Thanks, Christian.