at+csq meaning and at+cmgs error

Hi everybody,
first of all I ask to know something more about the +CSQ command. Unfortunately in the manual there isn’t too much explained.
+CSQ returns two values:
a) I think that more high is the more signal I have on the GSM. Is this right?
b) I really don’t understand what means the parameter: what means RXQUAL and where is the table “GSM 05.08”?

The second problem is: writing the correct sequence for an SMS to send, right after I press the “Ctrl-z” to send the sms, I get a simple “ERROR” string, that doesn’t help me in nothing; furthermore, in the AT manual, there is no explanation on an eventual error.


  • AT_Commands_Interface_Guide_for_X51a_rev006.pdf
  • Modem Integra m2106b

Thanks in advance to anybody will reply.

Hi GianniP,

Yes, the first value show you the strength of the signal.

The second value show you the bit error rate of the signal.

If you want to send any at-command it is very helpful to activate the advanded error report. Send “at+cmee=1” to activate it.
If you have activated this report you can recognize the error reason (you get a error code which is explained in at+spec).

Best regards,