[Fx30] Factory Recovery



I sometime experience unsolicited factory recovery on my Fx30 using my custom Linux firmware.

The content of the MTD4 (USER1) partition is erased. All my ongoing modifications are lost.

I would like to have a good understanding of the conditions leading to activation of the the factory recovery.
Is-there a document describing those conditions for the Fx30?

Thanks, Christian.


Hi Christian,
Could you explain what happened before the factory recovery kicked in?
How often does this happen?

There should be only 2 cases for the user partition to be erased:

  1. Issuing a n FX30 factory reset by pressing and holding the power button upon powerup
  2. The WP module detects corruption within the root file system



Hello Chris,

This appends extremely rarely. I saw it twice in several month. It arrived on two different devices which were in testing. I do not have an exact memory of the conditions when it occurred, but clearly it was not by pressing the reset button.

Could you give a bit more details on the corruption detection by the WP? Could loading too many processes on the Linux boot delay the emission of a OK signal, causing the WP to think the Linux has not started correctly?
I do have changed the start priority of some of the existing daemons and added a few more.

Regards, Christian.


Hi Christian,
There is an issue that causes corruption when the WP module has the power pulled so it cannot gracefully shutdown. If corruption is detected, the user1 partition is reverted back to the RO state, ie, the overlay is deleted and your customizations will be lost.

Can you recollect if the issue occurred shortly after power was pulled?



Hello Chris,

Because I am using the Fx30 in an automated environment, it is very rarely shut downed gracefully. It is stopped by the power being cut. As I said, I only saw this problem twice in months but I wouldn’t like to take risks that it arrives on the field.

Best regards, Christian.


Hi Christian,
Could you please contact your official support channel, describing the corruption issue and that you suspect the problem is caused by pulling the power.