FX30 doesn`t have RTC?

we are logging some errors from the device but have noticed that the system time only get properly updated after the unit is connected to the internet. It saves the last time and then update it with the internal clock until if gets an internet connection. So if the unit is off for 2 days, once it starts will have an epoch old of two days until it gets a valid internet connection and sync its time. Is there any way around this? Is possible to have a RTC on the FX30?

I did find in an older post that there is no RTC provided, but looking at the PCB for the FX30 it seems there is an empty slot for it…? Does anyone have any information if is possible to fit an small battery and what parts would do?

Hi claudio.baldini ,

There is no battery that supplies this on the FX30 RTC.

ok, but is possible to fit one? would you have any information to share on how to do so?


So the only way to keep the RTC running is to keep power to the Vcc lines on the WP7702 internally (I am assuming that you are using the LPWA version), the 3G version does have a small 3V cell connected to pin 21but this pin is reserved for the WP7702, essentially because it does not have this functionality so even if there was space on the PCB still it would not work. Previously we did have a battery pack for the FX30 but it was not popular and it was cut.

So to answer your question, no there is no way to keep the RTC of the FX30 running without heavy modification of the board to allow a voltage source of some description to be connected to the power lines.



@mlw, thank you for this, I guess we will need to work on an alternative. Possibly to have constant battery power to the unit and to set it in ultra-low power mode.