FX30 - Carrier vs Generic FW... what the difference?

Hi, I am busy trying to deliver a solution for the US… however I am not from the US… so this might be a newbie question…

But why are there US carrier specific FWs and what is the difference from the Generic ones?

Should I use the carrier specific FW and if so why or why not? Our SIMs are not provider specific… and can connect to different networks.

Are the functional differences? Does it only effect certain services? Data, audio etc… This is for the FX30 modem series…


if you are using MVNO, then probably you should try GENERIC one.

Can you explain what the difference is between the FWs? I’d like to undestand… I can’t find documentation on it…

the carrier setting is different.

e.g. some carrier will disable some band, different carrier needs to use different APN, etc