FX30 batch programming

I have several dozens of FX30 modules that need to be programmed using my .exe file. Each modem takes at least 10-15 minutes to program and I simply do not have the time to program each one by one.

I have tried plugging two modems into my computer, one was assigned the factory issued IP address and the other did not get assigned an IP address (they are connect via USB). Each modem has an ethernet connection.

Is there any way for me to maybe use a USB or Ethernet switch to program like 10 at a time?

You can transfer the spk file to each module by ethernet and then upgrade by fwupdate command.

Hi there,
If you use ethernet, the default IP is statically assigned as You could modify the /etc/network/interfaces file to change to dhcp or a specific address of your choice.

Alternately, you can try the configEcm target tool to change the IP address that is assigned to the USB port and use a USB hub.