FX30 3G Global (wp8548) with VS Code

Is it possible to develop apps for this module in VS Code?
The earliest SDK i see in leaf is swi-wp85_1.0.0 │ SDK for WP85 (Release 15 + Legato 16.10.4)
As far as i know this device works on Release 14.
I tried every stable SDK version in repository (just to be sure) didn’t work. Cant install system, it rolls back to previous version.

You can use VS Code for developing apps and make tool to compile this app for your device.
The latest firmware for FX30 3G is Release 14
The firmware and source code are here: https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airlink/software_downloads/fx30-firmware/fx30-firmware-3g/#sthash.vcooPRen.dpbs
Please download source code and install toolchain, after that you can develop apps.
Below is some instructions for FX30
Starting out with the FX30S and questions abound

All SDK versions on leaf are only for WP85xx, not FX30, so you can not use them.


Thank you @jerdung . That’s very frustrating though. There are SDKs for cat-1 and cat-m version, which i am using with appropriate devices, and it would be great to have unified dev approach.

Hi damir,
New SDK for FX30-3G is available on leaf now (SDK for FX30-3G (Release R17.0.1.007 + Legato 18.06.5)).


Great! Thanks for the update.